ALEXANDER DENK – Founder / CEO / Producer

Alexander DenkAlexander got his start by doubling and doing Stunts for International Action star Arnold Schwarzenegger. Mr. Denk then took up producing Movies, forming Eurowolf Pictures. He Co-produced the feature film FILTH, starring James McAvoy, Jamie Bell, Jim Broadbent and Eddie Marsan, based on the bestselling Novel by Irvin Welsh (Trainspotting). 

On the upcoming Sci-Fi Comedy UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! Alexander served as Executive Producer. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! stars Snoop Dog, Michael Madsen, Nichelle Nichols (plus 42 actors which appeared in various Star Trek series) and will be released in 2019. Next up for Mr. Denk is the drama MOMENT OF IMPACT which he will Produce/Executive Produce and which will start shooting in Los Angeles Summer of 2019, with Nichelle Nichols, Michael Madsen and Robert Davi. Also in negotiations for this film are Halle Berry, Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Kevin Costner. 

Another project in the works is the upcoming horror/thriller franchise SACRED EVIL which Alexander will produce.

Mr. Denk will also produce THE TOY BOX, an Animated Feature by the creator of the UNDERWORLD Franchise and I, FRANKENSTEIN - Mr. Kevin Grevioux.

Alexander is looking forward producing the seven book Novel series "ARCHANGELS OF DREAMLAND" based on the "BEST ACTION ADVENTURE NOVEL OF THE YEAR 2006".

Alexander Denk produced, wrote and co-wrote Videos, receiving the Golden Lion Award.

An Entrepreneur and Businessman, Alexander is an International / Inspirational DTM (Distinguished Toasmaster) speaker with Toastmasters International holding the highest honors.

Notably Alexander won the following Body Building titles: Natural Mr. Olympia, Natural Mr. Universe (2 times), Natural Mr. World.

He is also an Award Winning Top Chef with a Masters Degree in Nutrition and Cooking, which took him all-the-way to competing in the Olympics and taking home several Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. 

Alexander studied Health Science, Philosophy and Physiology and is a certified Hydration Specialist.

Mr. Denk has 25 years of acting and Stuntman experience, speaks three Languages and resides in Los Angeles.

Alexander is a big advocate for the Special Olympics for the past 16 years and has served as Delegate Liaison for the World Games in Los Angeles in 2015.
He was again invited and served in March 2019 as Delegate Liaison at the Special Olympics World Games in Abu Dhabi/Dubai.

Whether helping building wells in Africa and India to provide clean drinking water or traveling to Thailand providing Food and Clothes for orphaned kids or creating a safe environment for an Orphanage School for the blind by getting the whole school outfitted with Braille Blocks (Tactiles), Alexander strongly believes in unselfish thinking and in giving-back.

Helping and healing in a natural way and saving the lives of people who have diseases and sicknesses inspires Alexander to achieve a higher spiritual awareness.



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